on Compostela’s trails, more and more hikers

ON THE ROADS TO COMPOSTELLA (1/6). In this unusual year of St. John, we dedicate a series of six articles to the most legendary of our hikes. In this first part, believers, curious, or backpackers share the various reasons that force them to go to Galicia. But who are they, these ever-increasing number of hikers, … Read more

which beach resort in Egypt is right for you?

Egypt rolls out its 900 km long reef coastline along the Red Sea and 200 km along the Gulf of Aqaba. A dream for diving enthusiasts, but not only! Idleness, sports or low budget, our suggestions for all tastes. Fiesta late at night or absolute tranquility? Vacationing with friends or in a noisy tribe? Small … Read more

Scotland from loch to loch, the most beautiful lakes for a nature trip

In addition to the well-known Loch Ness or Loch Lomond, the country flows across with these charming and majestic freshwater points. In Scotland, loch, a word of Gaelic origin, denotes a freshwater lake, a fjord as well as certain estuaries and bays. The country has more than 31,000, of which 7,500 in Outer Hebrides. To … Read more

It is possible to travel independently in Africa! Five stays in total freedom

Originally, free travel in Africa was reserved for a few adventurous backpackers. Today, it is possible to go individually without taking any risk through a tour operator. Five stays without ties! Originally, it was impossible to go to Africa, Asia or Latin America without joining a group. Only a few adventurous backpackers tried the adventure … Read more

Tour Jordan | 10 days

The adventurous soul, follow in the footsteps of Nabataean culture. The journey begins in Saudi Arabia, one of the rare destinations where the traveler really feels like an explorer discovering the unknown. Direction Jeddah, former fishing port, its typical houses with windows roshan of Iranian inspiration, its traditional cafes, its fabric souk. The AlUla oasis, … Read more

How do you choose your Bedouin camp in the Jordanian desert?

Bedouin camps follow each other in the Wadi Rum desert. How to navigate through the abundance of offers with services that are not always manageable and at variable prices? We tell you everything. The promise of a devastatingly beautiful desert and nights marked by millions of stars is attracting more and more tourists to Wadi … Read more

What are the most visited monuments in the world?

They are huge, steeped in history and arouse (much) interest: here are the most visited tourist monuments in the world. And France is well represented! We immediately think of them when we project ourselves on our journey, and they embody the history of their territory: the monuments. They are for this reason very popular with … Read more

between nature and wildlife

Nestled in green surroundings between the Pacific Ocean and dizzying mountains in the background, Seattle welcomes you in a resolutely atypical atmosphere. The city is inspiring and innovative and is regularly highlighted for its quality of life. If the city center is often immersed in a tumult that testifies to its dynamics, nature, which unfolds … Read more

Our five most beautiful beaches in Corsica, from north to south of the island of beauty

White sand and turquoise blue water: Corsican beaches have nothing to envy the islands at the end of the world. Overview of the most idyllic bathing places. Oh, the beaches of Corsica … Often rightly compared to exotic destinations, they are literally “eye-catching”. All different, they have two important ingredients in common: white sand and … Read more

These destinations where you can enjoy the sun less than 4 hours flight from Paris

From Cappadocia to the mountains of Montenegro via sublime beaches in Morocco or the Sporades: New direct flights enrich the range of sunny destinations from Paris. Skiathos (Greece) Skiathos is a small lively island in the Sporades’ archipelago, and in addition to one of the most impressive airports (“Saint-Martin” in Greece) has about sixty beaches, … Read more