The danger of plastic pollution on wildlife is not a cliché!

Plastic pollution kills thousands of animals every year. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the spread of disposable masks has accelerated this pollution at the expense of an increasingly vulnerable wildlife. To warn and raise awareness of this scourge, shares engaging images of wildlife photographers. Plastic waste in bird’s beak, a nest made … Read more

Irène Frain: “Animals are our friends! »

On the occasion of the publication of her latest novel “The Joy of the Solitary Woman” (ed. Seuil, May 2022), Irène Frain delves into the reader’s story of the incredible story of a Native American woman found in Santa Barbara in 19th century California. . The novelist is also a prominent member of the jury … Read more

A bill banning the use of direct dialing receives the Jules-Michelet Prize

The 30 Million Friends Foundation, partner of the University Diploma in Animal Law at the University of Limoges (87), has awarded the Jules-Michelet Prize to a reform proposal concerning the ban on the use of live decoys in the practice of hunting waterfowl. A look back at its challenges with the author of the award-winning … Read more

Animal ecotourism prevails and eats lion

TourMaG mobile app A charter and accreditation for professionals Conservation of wildlife, nothing to do with tourism? Think again. Animal tourism could well benefit financially by becoming responsible. Lions do not have a deep sleep and are always on the lookout: the vehicle stays still, far from the animal, leaving an emergency exit. Here: Safari … Read more

How to kill wild animals became a game in the United States

Also, not all hunters approve of this system. “It’s not hunting,” said Robert Brown, a member of the ethics committee of the Boone and Crockett Club, a nonprofit founded in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt and other hunters to protect wildlife resources. . “It’s just shooting. Moreover, according to him, the techniques commonly used in competitions … Read more

Animals that are more sensitive to the suffering of their fellow creatures than humans ?!

A French study – conducted between 2018 and 2021 – shows human psychological tensions towards animal diseases, including on the altar of science. Conversely, they seem less reluctant to make their fellow human beings suffer if we refer to the famous Milgram experiment and its derivatives. What the animals seem more refractory to. The decryption … Read more