Plague is still endemic in the western United States

“It’s a very rare infection,” said Dave Wagner, director of the Biodefense and Disease Ecology Center at Northern Arizona University’s Pathogen & Microbiome Institute. “As I always say, look both ways before crossing instead of worrying about the plague.” How do you explain these rare plague epidemics? What is the real risk to humans today? … Read more

MaXoE Festival 2022: The Books Selection – Nature & Animals (Books / Comics) – MaXoE BULLES

Place for Nature and Animals in GPL 2022 Book Committee ! What about squid? The ethologist Ludovic Dickel knows them well, very well, even because he devotes his research to squid, and it’s fascinating. You will not look at squid in the same way after reading this book. The same can be said about the … Read more

Bernese Mountain Dog: origin, size and character

By Le Figaro Posted on 27/05/2022 at 07:00 The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the largest dogs in the world. Alexander / The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog that is sociable and obedient. Considered a giant dog breed, the berneser mountain dog has an impressive stature. Calm and sociable, he is … Read more

70 dogs removed from a man with Diogenes syndrome

VARIOUS Last week, the gendarmes, accompanied by investigators from the Department of Homeland Security (DDPP), took home a man with Diogenes syndrome. They found 70 dogs and 50 sheep in his home. Posted on 25/06/2022 at 13:40 Fanny Dolle Too many hunting accidents, people were killed because they simply went on the weekend before going … Read more

gardening, do-it-yourself, animals, what are the rules to follow?

You may not use your drill, lawn mower or vacuum cleaner at any time of the day or night. Rules for noise from parties and pets must also be observed. We take stock to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors. It’s tempting to take advantage of your Sunday afternoon to pass the brushcutter or … Read more

Many cold-blooded species age barely at all

To be a turtle, the secret behind eternal youth? The low aging observed in cold-blooded species, according to two studies published on Thursday, questions the idea that progressive biological degradation, leading to animal death, is inevitable. In addition to a few specific cases – such as the 190-year-old “Jonathan” turtle – the issue had not … Read more

nature has (slightly) benefited from confinement

“ Lhave nature has regained its rights “ : The formula that blossomed during imprisonment is misleading. Because the ball remains in men whose evolutionary model does not provide much respite for other species, as shown by the latest global assessment of the “IPCC of biodiversity”, IPBES, in May 2019. And if the videos of … Read more

These animals sacrifice themselves for their species

“Their lives are not that complicated,” the neuroscientist explains. ‘So they potentially survive just long enough to do what they have to. » And even if they developed these pathologies, no one would know. “There is no behavioral scale for musk oxen. We can therefore not say whether they are losing their memory a bit … Read more