The danger of plastic pollution on wildlife is not a cliché!

Plastic pollution kills thousands of animals every year. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the spread of disposable masks has accelerated this pollution at the expense of an increasingly vulnerable wildlife. To warn and raise awareness of this scourge, shares engaging images of wildlife photographers. Plastic waste in bird’s beak, a nest made … Read more

a new, clearly stated ambition of the European Commission

To have restored all their damaged ecosystems by 2050: this is the legally binding target set by the European Commission for the Member States in its new legal text, drawn up as part of its nature package. In parallel with its proposal for a regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides, the European Commission presented … Read more

Experimentation: the challenges of the transition to animal-free research

In “Animal Experimentation in Question” (Ed. Matériologiques, 2022), Roland Cash provides the keys to understanding the absolute necessity of speeding up the transition to animal-free research. Despite obvious obstacles, the vice president of the Transcience Association,, nevertheless assures that such a change is possible in stages. Between disappointed hopes and declared will, animal welfare … Read more

Irène Frain: “Animals are our friends! »

On the occasion of the publication of her latest novel “The Joy of the Solitary Woman” (ed. Seuil, May 2022), Irène Frain delves into the reader’s story of the incredible story of a Native American woman found in Santa Barbara in 19th century California. . The novelist is also a prominent member of the jury … Read more

A bill banning the use of direct dialing receives the Jules-Michelet Prize

The 30 Million Friends Foundation, partner of the University Diploma in Animal Law at the University of Limoges (87), has awarded the Jules-Michelet Prize to a reform proposal concerning the ban on the use of live decoys in the practice of hunting waterfowl. A look back at its challenges with the author of the award-winning … Read more

“Chaud Dedans”: a campaign to warn about the transport of livestock in the summer

Transporting “breathable” animals on the roads or in livestock ships: With the “Hot Inside” campaign, Welfarm warns the government about the suffering of farm animals during periods of high heat. A scourge that the 30 Million Friends Foundation has already warned the various successive agriculture ministers about. Summer is approaching … and its devastating effects … Read more

To dig up, an endless ordeal for badgers

While the period of underground hunting, a doomed practice, begins on May 15, 2022 in most French departments, badgers are, as every year, under the yoke of hunters. The 30 Million Friends Foundation calls for an end to this cruel nonsense. Excavation of badgers, a cruelty (still) made in France. This practice, which is banned … Read more

Polecats in the streets of Paris!

From May 19, 2022, certain streets in the capital will display incredible paintings of polecats for a few days. The aim: to raise awareness of the protection of this little-known and endangered animal in France. The 30 Million Friends Foundation, which welcomes this initiative, calls for increased protection of the species. 120 life-size polecats near … Read more

News: Ecuador recognizes wildlife rights!

A first! The Ecuadorian Constitutional Court has recognized the rights of all wildlife. The 30 Million Friends Foundation, which works for the inauguration of the legal personality of animals, welcomes this decision and hopes that it will encourage other jurisdictions to follow this path. A historic decision. The Ecuadorian Constitutional Court has attributed biodiversity ” … Read more

Ivory Coast: COP 15, Jean-Claude Brou announces that the desert is advancing by 5 km every year in the region

© – Wednesday, May 11, 2022 – 1:25 p.m. Jean-Claude Brou this Wednesday in Abidjan (ph KOACI) On the sideline of COP 15 taking place from 9 to 20 May 2022 in Abidjan, Jean-Claude Brouthe President of the Commission ECOWAS, told the press. He announced that desert progress of 5 km each year, and … Read more