Autonomy in the Sahara: Algeria is hysterical about Spain, while Polisario is measured

While the separatist leaders of Polisario have chosen moderation in their reactions to the Spanish government following its sovereign decision to support the Sahara autonomy plan, Algerian diplomacy has gone beyond the bounds of obscenity towards Madrid. By supporting the Moroccan self-government plan for the Sahara, Spain has been scandalously taken to task by Algeria, … Read more

Firstly, a Maghreb coordination for the application of the Autonomy Plan in the Moroccan Sahara

Libyans, Tunisians and even Algerians … Many North African politicians, intellectuals and associative actors have joined forces to create coordination for the application of the Sahara Autonomy Plan. An event held in Laayoune where one of the “stars” was the famous Algerian journalist and columnist Hichem Abboud. It testifies. They came, they were all there. … Read more

the Belgian Committee of Support for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan launched

Belgian personalities with different backgrounds took the initiative in Brussels, the capital of Europe, to launch a support platform for the Moroccan autonomy plan in the Sahara. The presentation to the Belgian, European and international press of the “Belgian Autonomy Support Committee for the Sahara Region” (COBESA) took place on Thursday in the “Press club … Read more