Plague is still endemic in the western United States

“It’s a very rare infection,” said Dave Wagner, director of the Biodefense and Disease Ecology Center at Northern Arizona University’s Pathogen & Microbiome Institute. “As I always say, look both ways before crossing instead of worrying about the plague.” How do you explain these rare plague epidemics? What is the real risk to humans today? … Read more

Citrus flour belly: an insect in an insect in an insect

OR Rather… SIX IN A? In some cases, the symbionts have moved their genes to the hosts’ genomes so that the genes are missing from Tremblaya could be found in the DNA of the cochineal. In fact, the team discovered that the cochineal genome contained at least 22 genes of bacterial origin. But surprisingly, none … Read more

How to save the “skin” of the desert?

BETWEEN LOSSES AND PROFITS Biological crusts may have evolved to withstand drought, but not humans. The wall built on the border between the United States and Mexico runs along the southern border of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Border patrol vehicles kick up an almost permanent cloud of dust as they travel back and … Read more