Isère Santé: The ward is increasingly committed to the health of Isère residents

Ahead of the public meeting on Friday, June 24, Jean-Pierre Barbier, Chair of the Department, accompanied by Annie Pourtier, Vice-Chair of Health, and Patrick Curtaud, Vice-Chair of Culture, Heritage, Remembrance and International Cooperation, press conference, several reports which will be put to the vote in the Chamber Assembly, including the report on Isère Santé. Isère … Read more

This summer we give you 200 nature meetings in Isère

More than 200 activities and events, between the end of May and the beginning of October, free of charge, around biodiversity? And yes, it’s possible, it’s in Isère, it’s going to happen in about forty sensitive natural areas (ENS) near you, and it’s the department that invites you! Biodiversity: to know and understand it is … Read more