the dream of solar charging

A couple of start-ups, but also car giants, have started installing solar panels on their new electric cars, which promise a little extra range, but not yet to roll their eyes. Under the scorching sun of northern Spain, “0”, the first production model from startup Lightyear, gathers enough solar energy to travel more than 70 … Read more

a new, clearly stated ambition of the European Commission

To have restored all their damaged ecosystems by 2050: this is the legally binding target set by the European Commission for the Member States in its new legal text, drawn up as part of its nature package. In parallel with its proposal for a regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides, the European Commission presented … Read more

The World Conservation Congress ends with mixed results

The IUCN Congress ended after an intensive week of meetings on biodiversity. What comes out of it? A satisfaction from the organizer and the French government. A joint assessment according to environmental associations. The expectations of the participants in the World Conservation Congress were up to the urgency of acting in the light of the … Read more