Departure for two, an adventure for the couple

Since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the couple is, par excellence, the protagonist of the journey. And as anthropologist Jean-Didier Urbain, a tourism specialist, says, the archetype of traveling as a couple is, of course, the honeymoon. A trip “committed, offered and openly initiating” which allows you to dedicate … Read more

“Traveling around in my childhood”: The free and sensitive evocation of a bygone world

© Atlantic culture By: Emmanuel de Waresquiel Tallandier Released March 10, 2022 186 pages € 18 THEME Emmanuel de Waresquiel continues his introspective approach initiated by “Time to find out” (L’Iconoclaste 2018), awarded to “To Magots”, who here undertakes the trip to the known and already distant land of his childhood. Born in 1957, served … Read more

a family wins a trip to Disneyland in a draw … and then sees their prize canceled due to suspicion of fraud!

Published on 24/05 at 06:36 By Benjamin Berthaut The very recent sale of Gilly leaves a bitter taste for a family of Gourdinne. However, she had won a stay at Disneyland Paris in a draw … ******* *** ********* ***** ******** ******** *** *** **** **** **** ** ** ********* ******** ** ****** *** ** … Read more