a desert of clothes as far as the eye can see

Sandals, rain boots and après ski meet in the dunes of the Chilean Atacama Desert. As clothing production rises across the globe, the fashion industry’s cemeteries multiply and reach even the most remote regions. Another ecological disaster to add to the sheer volume of fast fashion. Focus on this disaster. Located between the South Pacific … Read more

Vice-President of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies welcomes Morocco’s efforts

During a meeting with the First Vice-President of the House of Councilors, Mohamed Hanine, Ms Jimenez Mix highlighted the efforts made at bilateral level to strengthen the rapprochement between the two countries and the two parliamentary institutions in the light of its historical and economic potential. , they share, and the importance attached to issues … Read more

“We must train the Moroccan market in Kosher”

– Why a festival of Jewish-Moroccan culinary art? – The first edition of the Moroccan Jewish Food Festival is a project funded by USAID, which is part of the Dakira program, which aims to promote cultural diversity in Morocco. This is an opportunity to remember that Jewish cuisine is permeated by its Moroccan roots, deeply … Read more

“Threats of attack are nothing but pure propaganda”

– Your city has been designated by a “military leader” of the Polisario Front as a target for attacks from elements from the front. What was the reaction of your fellow citizens to this risk to their lives and property? Above all, I would like to clarify that this communication from the Polisario Front is … Read more

“Evidence of Sahara’s Moroccanism is in Paris”

– Are we sufficiently aware of the importance of the history of the Sahara? – It is obvious that we are witnessing a consciousness among the Moroccan public that has become more and more permeated by the history of the Sahara, which arouses unprecedented curiosity, especially as this story does not originate from the green … Read more