World Conservation Congress: a major international meeting on biodiversity

From 3 to 11 September 2021, France will host for the first time the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Marseille. This event is one of the largest international events for biodiversity. It is organized every 4 years and mobilizes nature conservation experts from the political world, research, … Read more

In the heart of the Sahel, Islamic State is expanding, massacres follow one another

The jihadists affiliated with Islamic State in the Sahel, once considered diminished, have expanded their area of ​​action in the Sahel in recent months and signed their presence with an unprecedented series of massacres of civilians. The Greater Sahara Islamic State (EIGS) group appeared weakened six months ago following the loss of several of its … Read more

The end of the trip to the King of the Belgians in the DRC marked by armed violence

Following symbols and “regrets” for the wounds of colonization, the final stage of the Belgian king’s six-day trip to DR Congo on Sunday was marked by ongoing fighting in the east and renewed tension with neighboring Rwanda. King Philippe, his wife Queen Mathilde and the Belgian government delegation who accompanied them during their first trip … Read more

Brexit stifles the resumption of language travel across the Channel

At the top of Calton Hill, the views of Edinburgh are breathtaking, under gray clouds pierced by sunbeams, the North Sea in the distance. “Amazing!” (magnificent) exclaims one of Sarah Lepioufle’s students in English. The group of about fifty university students from Colmar in Alsace (eastern France), who arrived in Scotland a few days earlier, … Read more

Muriel Fusi and the Animal Party want to “impose the animal cause on the big parties”

Muriel Fusi, who is a candidate from the Animalist Party for the parliamentary elections in Paris, spends most of his free time fighting for the protection of animals. The challenge for her is not to be chosen, but to impose the animal cause as a main theme. Legislation 2022 © FMM Graphic Studio The meeting … Read more

The killer whale, feminine predation

Published on: 06/05/2022 – 00:49Changed: 06/05/2022 – 00:51 The killer whale that roamed the Seine finally died Monday. The marine mammal is a top predator, at the top of the food chain in the oceans. His ordeal lasted for many days until its tragic end. The killer whale that roamed the Seine was finally found … Read more

the point of tourist destinations without restrictions

Where to go on holiday this summer: the point about tourist destinations without restrictions June 2, 2022 Writing No comment Selected Covid-19, health pass, Sri lanka, PCR test It is undeniable that the French seem to have gone back to travel agencies. With the summer holidays approaching, that’s good news. But the pandemic has left … Read more

Western Sahara “shall not be negotiated”, warns the King of Morocco

Mohammed VI’s speech was eagerly awaited in a very tense context between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Algerian state. Western Sahara, an area disputed between Morocco and the Sahrawi separatists backed by Algeria, “not to be negotiated“, This Saturday evening, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, confirmed in a speech broadcast by national television. … Read more

The Battle of Bir Hakeim “Increased Allied Confidence in Free France”

With World War II already raging for two and a half years, the forces of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and Free France fought heroically from May 27 to June 11, 1942 in Bir Hakeim, an oasis in the middle of the Libyan desert. Although this battle was technically a defeat, the two weeks of fighting … Read more

Forecast. A new cloud of Sahara sand is flying over France this Friday

So many episodes of a cloud of Sahara sand will cross France on Friday, May 20, 2022. The sandy dust will once again fly over southwestern France in particular, according to the Copernicus satellites, the European Union Earth Monitoring Program, taken over by The Parisian . This time, the sand in the Sahara is to … Read more