Fires in the Gironde: wildlife tormented by flames

Many wild animals have already succumbed to the fires that have ravaged the Gironde since July 12, 2022. Among the survivors, some are hit on the roads, disoriented and exhausted. calls on everyone to be vigilant and responsible to restore wildlife. Ravaged natural habitats, birds dead from exhaustion, wild boar and fox cubs hit … Read more

Prison closed to smugglers of Ysis and Yoda lion cubs

Three men were sentenced to prison terms by the Thionville Criminal Court (Moselle) for detaining and leaving two lion cubs in 2019. The 30 Million Friends Foundation, a civilian party in the lawsuit, had organized the rescue and transfer animals. From prison: this is the verdict handed down by the criminal court in Thionville (Moselle) … Read more

Animals, sensitive and intelligent beings!

Birds, fish, mammals … are endowed with remarkable intelligence. World Animal Intelligence Day is an opportunity for to remember these often surprising cognitive abilities. Memory, sense of orientation, facial recognition … The animals’ cognitive abilities are numerous and vary according to species. Overview! Chickens, parrots, pigeons … Chickens are endowed with great intelligence, even … Read more

Raïka, the first abandoned dog of the summer

The 30 million d’Amis de la Tuilerie refuge (77) was facing its first abandonment of the summer. Raïka was dropped off at the shelter by her master a few days ago. The reason ? Going on holiday … Like every summer, the 30 Million Friends Foundation warns of mass apostasy with dramatic consequences and reminds … Read more

30 Million Friends Foundation celebrates “Day at the Office”!

In 1999, on June 24, the United States designated “Dogs at Work Day” to invite companies to accept their employees’ dogs on their premises. The 30 Million Friends Foundation forwards this great initiative by also welcoming the dogs of its employees. Animal survivor after abuse she rescued! “Take your dog to work”! On June 24, … Read more

Fireworks: a nuisance (too) for wildlife

Magically for humans, traditional summer fireworks can be fatal to wildlife. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is sounding the alarm about the dramatic consequences of these shows for animals and is calling for the use of harmless alternatives. Fear, disorientation, hearing loss … The impact of fireworks can be catastrophic for wildlife. The noise and … Read more

Wildlife, the target of hunters … even in summer!

In France, certain wild species have been hunted since June 1st. This deviation from the periods of general opening of the hunt exerts an unbearable pressure on the wild fauna, especially during this period of weaning of the juvenile fish. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is asking the Ministry of Ecology to put an end … Read more

The danger of plastic pollution on wildlife is not a cliché!

Plastic pollution kills thousands of animals every year. Since the beginning of the health crisis, the spread of disposable masks has accelerated this pollution at the expense of an increasingly vulnerable wildlife. To warn and raise awareness of this scourge, shares engaging images of wildlife photographers. Plastic waste in bird’s beak, a nest made … Read more

Experimentation: the challenges of the transition to animal-free research

In “Animal Experimentation in Question” (Ed. Matériologiques, 2022), Roland Cash provides the keys to understanding the absolute necessity of speeding up the transition to animal-free research. Despite obvious obstacles, the vice president of the Transcience Association,, nevertheless assures that such a change is possible in stages. Between disappointed hopes and declared will, animal welfare … Read more

Irène Frain: “Animals are our friends! »

On the occasion of the publication of her latest novel “The Joy of the Solitary Woman” (ed. Seuil, May 2022), Irène Frain delves into the reader’s story of the incredible story of a Native American woman found in Santa Barbara in 19th century California. . The novelist is also a prominent member of the jury … Read more