Should easyJet be avoided this summer between strikes and cancellations?

DESCRIPTION Complicated situation for the English low-cost airline forced to cancel hundreds of flights in Europe. Why such a situation? Émilie and her family were to leave Edinburgh to return to Lyon on 28 May at 21.00 on flight EJU6971. An easyJet flight, operated by its Austrian subsidiary, set up to circumvent Brexit commitments. At … Read more

Will we be able to travel to Morocco this summer? “It’s the most complete artistic blur”

By Anne-Claire Delorme Posted on 06/01/2021 at 06:00, Update on 01/06/2021 at 15:31 Will the French be able to return to Morocco this summer? If the interest of travelers is obvious, reservations lag behind due to lack of visibility. Meanwhile, the kingdom begins to ease the restrictions and prepare for summer. The sun may be … Read more

Maison de la Du Barry, the Retz Desert … These places near Paris can only be visited once or twice a year

If you want to see them, now is the time to book! In Yvelines, these rare and intimate places are only open to visitors on sunny days. Radiating a maximum of 7 km around Saint-Germain-en-Laye necessarily brings to mind the most famous of the city’s natives, Louis Dieudonné (1638), a child of miracles who became … Read more

ten rooftops for a drink, Moroccan dinner or dance at sunset

From the medina to the palm grove via the new city of Guéliz, Marrakech has seen the flowering of high-lying terraces with more or less unobstructed views of the Atlas Mountains and the red city’s emblematic monuments. Our good addresses. Marrakech, originally a low-rise city with no-floor riads, is now giving in to fashion with … Read more

in Morocco, the galley of French tourists

Forced to return to France as soon as possible following the announcement of the suspension of flights between Morocco and France from Sunday evening, French passengers are trying to find last-minute solutions. Report at Marrakech airport. Josephine will long remember her 60th birthday trip to Marrakech. She arrived last Thursday with her husband for a … Read more

the formalities for traveling there this fall

PRACTICE – After more than six months of closure and despite the new cases of coronavirus identified in the country in recent days, Morocco is very fearfully reopening its borders to foreign tourists. This is mixed news for Moroccan tourists. Although the health situation associated with Covid-19 is still alarming (The balance of pollution reached … Read more

Morocco opens its borders, but can we travel there?

From June 15, the country will receive tourists again thanks to the resumption of flights and maritime connections. On the spot, the epidemic is under control and restrictions are eased. But can the French go to Morocco, classified orange? Vaccines, compelling reasons, PCR tests … Our instructions. Will Morocco save its summer season? The gradual … Read more

is it really bent to go to Morocco?

On the D-16 during the school holidays, hope fades after the closure of the Moroccan sky for two weeks and the cascade of airline cancellations. While waiting for the December 13 deadline, hotel owners are adjusting. From our correspondent. – Moroccan hoteliers have deployed all their adaptability since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, … Read more

Morocco in “slow” state

Once again accessible, the country opens the doors to a smart camp to discover biodiversity, a ksar in an extraordinary garden or an intimate guesthouse. From Agafay to Amesguen, called by the desert For travelers who want “Discover biodiversity, commit to it and help fund it”Thierry Zaoui has created “Gem by Less” a collection of … Read more

destinations accessible by ferry from France

PRACTICE – Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands or Ireland … These islands are directly accessible from French ports. Connections, duration, comfort on board … Our guide to traveling by sea instead of by plane. It is a mode of transport that is often forgotten in the face of the train and the plane. But from … Read more