“Sahara Paradise”, the many facets of an enchanting region

Published in Spanish under the title “Sahara Paraiso”, the new book album with photographs by Abdellah Doulfikar is ready for distribution in Morocco in Arabic and French. “Sahara Paradise” was born after ten years of repeated stays, in the south of the Kingdom, by the artist-photographer living in Spain, Abdellah Doulfikar, who from his first … Read more

in Argentina, a predatory dinosaur reveals some secrets

Three years after its discovery in southern Argentina, the fossil of a dinosaur gradually reveals its secrets: 70 million years old, measured 10 meters long, it was a large predator that removed its prey using sharp, curved claws. The remains of this “megaraptor”, a carnivorous dinosaur with large hind legs and small upper limbs, were … Read more