Autonomy in the Sahara: Algeria is hysterical about Spain, while Polisario is measured

While the separatist leaders of Polisario have chosen moderation in their reactions to the Spanish government following its sovereign decision to support the Sahara autonomy plan, Algerian diplomacy has gone beyond the bounds of obscenity towards Madrid. By supporting the Moroccan self-government plan for the Sahara, Spain has been scandalously taken to task by Algeria, … Read more

In Spain, Moroccans in Europe are taking back the “road to bleeding”

“Finally!” cheers Reda, a 20-year-old Moroccan who has just arrived at the port of Algeciras in southern Spain on Wednesday, on the first day of the Spanish operation “Passage du Strait”, which marks the recurring summer. in the country of the Moroccan diaspora. Like him, millions of Moroccans in Europe have been waiting for three … Read more

Sahara-Spain-Algeria | What do the defenders of Polisario think about that?

In Spain, even with the new position of the Sanchez government, which officially recognized the emergence of the autonomy plan that Morocco had proposed as being “the most serious, realistic and credible basis” for solving the Sahara problem – yes, since Sanchez- the government has announced that this attitude-insistent support for the separatists in the … Read more

here are the access formalities and the final reductions

Since April, the entry form to Spain has been abolished and it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask. And by the end of May, the health card is no longer required by tourists arriving by road. It is maintained for passengers on planes or trains. Temperatures are rising in Spain and the country … Read more

from the Sahrawi refugee camps to the struggle for identity

Published on: 08/05/2022 – 07:18Changed: 08/05/2022 – 07:19 Teslem Sidi is a Saharawi activist. From Madrid, she fights not only for the cause of her people, in conflict with Morocco for over 40 years, but also for the identity and freedom of Sahrawi women. She struggles to accommodate her emotions. On the tarmac of Tindouf … Read more