Atlas lions, be careful not to destroy it

Before meeting South Africa, the morale of the troops fluctuates between serenity due to an excellent FIFA ranking (24th) and the doubts that have accumulated in the last few matches. This year 2022 will remain in our memory. Because Moroccan football was festive and like never before, especially in the clubs. In the selection, Morocco … Read more

MaXoE Festival 2022: The Books Selection – Nature & Animals (Books / Comics) – MaXoE BULLES

Place for Nature and Animals in GPL 2022 Book Committee ! What about squid? The ethologist Ludovic Dickel knows them well, very well, even because he devotes his research to squid, and it’s fascinating. You will not look at squid in the same way after reading this book. The same can be said about the … Read more

Human rights at the heart of the Autonomy Initiative in the Moroccan Sahara

Human rights are at the heart of the Moroccan Sahara’s self-government initiative presented by Morocco on 11 April 2007 with a view to achieving a peaceful, realistic and negotiated solution, in line with UN Security Council resolutions, according to a basic report by the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights ( DIDH). Presented on Wednesday by … Read more

Vice-President of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies welcomes Morocco’s efforts

During a meeting with the First Vice-President of the House of Councilors, Mohamed Hanine, Ms Jimenez Mix highlighted the efforts made at bilateral level to strengthen the rapprochement between the two countries and the two parliamentary institutions in the light of its historical and economic potential. , they share, and the importance attached to issues … Read more

Guided tour of Zoodoo, a new generation of zoo in Dà Lat | Tourism

Dà Lat (VNA) – About 40 km from the center of Dà Lat, the Zoodoo zoo is one of the city’s attractions. This model of zoo imported from Australia is a real success in Vietnam after more than five years of operation. Alpaca camels at Zoodoo, in Dà Lat. Photo: CVN After ten years of … Read more

Trek to Yomi: A Dramatic Journey to Cinema (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One)

Due to its very distinctive Japanese and visual atmosphere around the cinema in the 50s and 60s, Trek to Yomi was eagerly awaited by our editorial staff. Today, after dissecting it in length and breadth, we give you our opinion! Silence, action, * clap *, it turns! Trek to Yomi, unveiled for the first time … Read more

“We must train the Moroccan market in Kosher”

– Why a festival of Jewish-Moroccan culinary art? – The first edition of the Moroccan Jewish Food Festival is a project funded by USAID, which is part of the Dakira program, which aims to promote cultural diversity in Morocco. This is an opportunity to remember that Jewish cuisine is permeated by its Moroccan roots, deeply … Read more

“Threats of attack are nothing but pure propaganda”

– Your city has been designated by a “military leader” of the Polisario Front as a target for attacks from elements from the front. What was the reaction of your fellow citizens to this risk to their lives and property? Above all, I would like to clarify that this communication from the Polisario Front is … Read more

Siel 2022 – A book by Ahmed El Hassani: MOROCCO, PARADISE FOR GEOLOGISTS

Here is a book that is intended for a specific academic niche, but which should interest the general public *. We owe it to Professor Ahmed El Hassani, former director of the Institute of Science (Mohammed V University of Rabat). It is a journey – a journey through time into the Kingdom. More specifically a … Read more

A conference on the positive development of the Moroccan Sahara issue in the House of Representatives

At a conference in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, researchers and academics highlighted the positive developments surrounding the Moroccan Sahara issue. The participants in this conference, organized on the initiative of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and MREs under the theme “Evolution of the national issue in the light of … Read more