Autonomy in the Sahara: Algeria is hysterical about Spain, while Polisario is measured

While the separatist leaders of Polisario have chosen moderation in their reactions to the Spanish government following its sovereign decision to support the Sahara autonomy plan, Algerian diplomacy has gone beyond the bounds of obscenity towards Madrid. By supporting the Moroccan self-government plan for the Sahara, Spain has been scandalously taken to task by Algeria, … Read more

Wahls protocol to reverse multiple sclerosis

A former national tai kwon do champion, Terry Wahls ran marathons in Nepal. But in 2000, this mother of two was diagnosed with an incurable chronic neurodegenerative disease: secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. This great sportswoman in front of the eternal healthy lifestyle does not believe her ears. As a physician herself, she once again turned … Read more

Portugal: Morocco has the honor of the exhibition “Love Red & Green”.

The Moroccan Embassy in Lisbon and the Casa Cadaval-Association of the Classical Festival of Evora are organizing, from 5 June to 31 October, in collaboration with the Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation and the Moroccan National Tourist Office, an exhibition entitled “Love Red and green: Marrakech opened my eyes to color ”. To put Morocco in the … Read more

Sahara: Moroccan parliamentarians challenge EU over human rights abuses in Tindouf

Kiosk360. In a letter to MEPs, members of the Morocco-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee drew their attention to the catastrophic human rights situation in the Tindouf camps. Explanations in this press review taken from the daily newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia. The human rights situation in the Tindouf camps is catastrophic. Violations of human rights are … Read more