Will we be able to travel to Morocco this summer? “It’s the most complete artistic blur”

By Anne-Claire Delorme Posted on 06/01/2021 at 06:00, Update on 01/06/2021 at 15:31 Will the French be able to return to Morocco this summer? If the interest of travelers is obvious, reservations lag behind due to lack of visibility. Meanwhile, the kingdom begins to ease the restrictions and prepare for summer. The sun may be … Read more

four new dormitories in nature this summer

For the foot or on top of the massifs, four paths for a refreshing contemplation. With the only luxury, simplicity and nature in majesty. Air bubble in Morzine Around Lac des Mines d’Or, a few minutes from the center of Morzine, Aurélie has installed one, two and then three bubbles of 18 m², the last … Read more

Scotland from loch to loch, the most beautiful lakes for a nature trip

In addition to the well-known Loch Ness or Loch Lomond, the country flows across with these charming and majestic freshwater points. In Scotland, loch, a word of Gaelic origin, denotes a freshwater lake, a fjord as well as certain estuaries and bays. The country has more than 31,000, of which 7,500 in Outer Hebrides. To … Read more

Wahls protocol to reverse multiple sclerosis

A former national tai kwon do champion, Terry Wahls ran marathons in Nepal. But in 2000, this mother of two was diagnosed with an incurable chronic neurodegenerative disease: secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. This great sportswoman in front of the eternal healthy lifestyle does not believe her ears. As a physician herself, she once again turned … Read more

It is possible to travel independently in Africa! Five stays in total freedom

Originally, free travel in Africa was reserved for a few adventurous backpackers. Today, it is possible to go individually without taking any risk through a tour operator. Five stays without ties! Originally, it was impossible to go to Africa, Asia or Latin America without joining a group. Only a few adventurous backpackers tried the adventure … Read more

After the empty summers … the hell of abundance! 🔑

TourMaG mobile app Between cancellations and problems at European airports, the season is drawing to a close No one expected such a rapid return to normal in the travel sector, at least in France. While winter had started badly, between the omicron variant and the outbreak of war in Ukraine, reservations doubled, even as far … Read more

Why are train journeys unpopular in Europe?

Buying a train ticket to cross Europe can be an expensive nightmare. All customers who have purchased a cross-border train ticket know this dilemma: is the high price and the long journey worth it? Especially when the plane works so much faster and cheaper. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that the train accounts … Read more

How do you choose your Bedouin camp in the Jordanian desert?

Bedouin camps follow each other in the Wadi Rum desert. How to navigate through the abundance of offers with services that are not always manageable and at variable prices? We tell you everything. The promise of a devastatingly beautiful desert and nights marked by millions of stars is attracting more and more tourists to Wadi … Read more

Maison de la Du Barry, the Retz Desert … These places near Paris can only be visited once or twice a year

If you want to see them, now is the time to book! In Yvelines, these rare and intimate places are only open to visitors on sunny days. Radiating a maximum of 7 km around Saint-Germain-en-Laye necessarily brings to mind the most famous of the city’s natives, Louis Dieudonné (1638), a child of miracles who became … Read more